January 13th, 2023 – Upward Updates

Happy New Year!! 2023 has arrived and we all made it!!

We’re looking forward to an active second half of the year with more activities. Teachers are currently preparing for next week’s CNY celebration (Jan 18), planning this semester’s field trips, getting ready for our ULC Sports Day (March 15), working on our Easter Family Day performances (April 6), along with the rest of the usual class activities.

We’re looking forward to an ACTIVE semester of interactions for all of us together. Do remember to subscribe (add your email at the bottom of this post) to our mailing list so you get the Upward Updates in your email whenever they are issued. If you want to look back and see previous posts, scroll to the bottom of this page, and click PREVIOUS POST.

CNY Student Celebration

We’ll be having CNY activities for students next Wednesday 18th January from 1pm – 3pm.

We ask that all students come to school dressed in CNY or Festive clothes. If your children don’t have something CNY-ish, get them to wear RED!!

PLEASE NOTE: If your family will be travelling early for the CNY Celebration and your children will be missing any days of classes next week, please remember to inform the office so teachers can be informed.

ULC 2022-2023 Calendar

Calendar Update

Please note that there are minor changes to our 2022-2023 School Calendar as the Thaipusam holiday was captured on the wrong date. Please note the following changes:

Monday 6th Feb – is now a holiday
Friday 24th Feb – is no longer a holiday
Sports Day has been moved from Feb 10 to March 15.

You can View/Download the revised 2022-2023 Yearly Calendar, click here

Family Holiday Time!!

Upcoming Holidays

With things continuing on the road to normalcy, we want to remind you that there are some upcoming week-long holidays this semester where you may want to look at travelling.

CNY Break: Saturday 21/1 to Sunday 29/1
Mid-Term Break: Thursday 16/3 to Tuesday 21/3
Hari Raya & Labour Day Break: Saturday 22/4 to Monday 1/5

Until Next Time…

Have a great weekend ahead!!

For those of you travelling for CNY next week, we wish you Journey Mercies and are praying for a safe and joyous new year celebration for all!!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

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