July 13th, 2021

Afternoon Parents, a quick couple of updates…

It’s getting closer to when classes will be starting. Remember the date:

Thursday July 22nd, 2021

All parents should have received an email from the Admin Office that included your Student’s email address for accessing Google Classroom next week. By Thursday (15/7) afternoon, Student’s will be “invited” to all their respective Classrooms, and we ask that Students accept the invites to the classrooms by Monday, July 19th. We will begin contacting parents on Monday (19/7) and Wednesday (21/7) for those that have not yet joined.

Please note that Students DO NOT need to join the Google Classroom on Monday 19th July, you just need to accept the invite to the classroom by this date.

If you require help or assistance, please WhatsApp the Admin Office on +6016-627 1878 and we’ll get in touch to help.


For the most part, student textbooks have been prepared for Students. We are seeing that some students still have Textbooks from last year that need to be returned. If you haven’t returned last year’s text books, please get in touch with the Admin Office ASAP to make arrangements as we need the textbooks for this year’s students.

Please note that we don’t require WORKBOOKS or ACTIVITY books to be returned. If you are unsure what books are needed to be returned, please take PHOTO of the books you have and WhatsApp it to the Admin Office on +6016-627 1878

We’re looking forward to a great year ahead for everyone even with all the uncertainties. We’ll get through this, and over this together. Stay safe everyone!!